Addy and her Mommy

I wanted to share some of the sweet photos of Baby Addy and her mommy.



Motherhood really suits Katie well.



You can definitely tell this is one very loved little girl.



Unfortunately, Addy is being brought up in a house that is divided when it comes to college football. In this case, we are definitely rooting for her Daddy. That binky didn’t last very long in my studio 🙂



I have lots more to share of sweet, little Addy, but it may have to wait until after the holdiays.

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Baby Addy

I was soooo excited when Katie called and asked if I still wanted to take some newborn pictures of Baby Addy!!! She and Becky brought her over tonight, and she was so precious. She’s about three weeks old, but she still only weighs about 8 lbs – which is less than what I weighed when I was born.

She definitely got her mommy’s beautiful skin.



Isn’t she soo cute?






I loved all of her sweet little outfits.





Lots more to come!

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Josh and Kyla – Part 3

I have finished editing all of Josh and Kyla’s pictures – at least the ones I took. You can find their entire gallery here. But since a post isn’t really any good with out some pictures, here are a few more of my favorites.

Isn’t this field just gorgeous! Mr. Crookshanks kept saying that we needed to look for color. Well, I’m thinking we found it. 🙂



While at the pumpkin patch, we had to take some shots of Kyla’s beautiful ring on a pumpkin. I have to say the hardest part was finding a pumpkin with a small enough stem to fit Kyla’s little ring – she has some very skinny fingers! But alas, we eventually found one, and got the shot.



As soon as Mr. Crookshanks saw Josh and Kyla’s second outfit, he said it would be perfect for the Pumpkin Patch, and he was absoultely right. I just love the orange and greens.



Of course, throughout the day there was some smooching. If you ask Josh though, he will tell you they were presses not actually kisses. I’m not sure what it is about those Bowles boys and their “frenching”. If you know Josh’s brother, Kyle, or his fiance Katy – you will have to ask them about the time Kyle picked Katy up from the airport. It is a pretty funny story that involves tackling and frenching!



As much as I loved the color in Kyla’s grandparent’s field, I love the dramatic feel of this one. Don’t they just looks so madly in love!?!



So that’s it for now. I think Mr. Crookshanks is going to send me some of the pictures he took from that day, and with his permission, I might share some of those later. I believe he posted some of them on his blog if you want to check them out there.

Josh and Kyla – I am so happy for the two of you! I know you are going to have a lifetime of love and happiness together. I hope you like how the pictures turned out. If I haven’t told you before, Josh, I am a big fan of your choice for a wife and I am so glad that Kyla is going to be a permanent part of our family! Love you both!!! 

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Josh and Kyla – Part 2

I am just about done with all of the pictures that I took of Josh and Kyla. I love how the pictures turned out. Josh and Kyla are so stinkin’ cute together, and Kyla has some amazing fashion sense. Josh will tell you that he picked out his own clothes, but I’m pretty sure he was given pretty specific instructions. Either way, they looked amazing together. Here are a few more of my favs to share.

LOVE this one! The background was actually red, but I changed it to green, so it matched Kyla’s wedding colors better.



I saw an idea for this photo somewhere, and I knew that Kyla and Josh would be up for trying it out.



I just love how sweet this one is. I didn’t really plan it this way, but I think their bodies kind of look like a little heart.



This one was fun too. You can’t tell it from this photo, but it was freezing cold. Kyla was quite the trooper; she even wore this cute little dress when it was like 45 degrees out. This is one mantra that Kyla and I both share – good fashion is worth a little sacrifice!



And last but not least – the jumping pictures. Kyla is a fan of jumping pictures. So I thought this series would make a cute little storyboard.



I just realized that three of these five pictures all involve jumping. Josh jumping over Kyla, Josh jumping over a fence, and Josh and Kyla jumping in front of the pumpkin wall. I told ya she was a fan of jumping pictures – LOL! Anyways, I’m a fan of them all.

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Josh and Kyla

I had such an amazing day! Today, Josh and Kyla were having their first-round of engagement pictures taken, and their photographer, Mr. Crookshanks, said he would be happy for me to tag along.

I should probably explain that Mr. Crookshanks was the assistant principal at our high school, and thus why I keep referring to him as “Mr.” Crookshanks. For the record, his first name is Chuck, but I doubt you will ever hear me refer to him that way. Just force of habit, I guess. 

Anyways, we had so much fun. Kyla has become one of my closest friends over the last year, so combining the fun we have together with my love of photography and you can see why it was such an awesome day. We started at Kyla’s grandparent’s farm house and took pictures there, the pumpkin patch, Fort Boreman hill, and a random alley behind some storage buildings. The storage building place was Mr. Crookshank’s idea, and it actually turned out to have some cool backdrops. Although Mr. Crookshanks was their “real” photographer, he let me take turns setting up a shot and actually shooting several of the pictures. It was so much fun to bounce lighting ideas off of one another and figure out what we needed for the shot. I learned a lot from the day, and I am so grateful that he gave me the opportunity. I’m still sorting through all the pictures I took with my camera, but here are some of my early favorites.











More to come… I promise!

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