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Dentist Visit

This morning the boys made a trip to the dentist office.  This is their second time going.  They aren’t having any problems or anything like that, but we thought it was a good idea to go ahead and get them comfortable with going and having people check their teeth.

Cohen of course volunteered to go first!  He’s such a brave, big boy <3 12_18_2015_Dentist-1c_web


Sawyer was happy to watch and check things out first. Plus he had his trust side kick Toodles with him.

*Correction – I now see a bow on top, so that is Quoodles!* 


Cohen does so well, he let her do anything she wanted without hesitation.  This kid would seriously let you floss his teeth for an hour!


Miss Kim said his teeth look great and that he was doing a good job brushing.


Next up was Sawyer’s turn in the big chair, but first he had to give Quoodles a quick checkup too.


At first he wasn’t too sure if he wanted to let her mess around in his mouth…


But we assured him that Miss Kim was very good at her job and reminded him that if he was a brave boy, he would get a reward, and sure enough he let her check and clean his teeth.


He even let her floss too.


I’m so proud of how well they both did!  Miss Kim is so sweet and patient with them too!


And yes, his “reward” for being brave was a sucker – on those nice clean teeth… What can you do, it’s his favorite currency.  Pick your battles people <3

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