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Getting the Mail

*Photos taken 12/11/2015*

Usually when we are outside playing, at some point I will ask the boys if they want to walk down and get the mail.  They are always very excited to help with this task.


Sometimes I have to remind them that we don’t run towards the road and that we all need to go together.  Apparently to them, this meant that they should hold hands…


Be still my heart <3


On the way down, they discuss which of them is going to open the mailbox and who gets to get the mail out.


I’m not sure how they decide who’s turn it is to do what, but by the time that we reach the road they always seem to have decided it among themselves.


One of these days very soon, the mailbox won’t seem so high to them, so I’m glad I have these memories to hold on to.


I love watching them work together – they are quite the little team!


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