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School Christmas Program

Tonight the boys had their Christmas program at Pre-School.  They were both so excited in the car – Cohen especially.  He kept telling me all the different songs that he was going to sing.  Once he got on stage though, I think he had different feelings about the idea.  I couldn’t believe how packed the sanctuary was, so that probably was intimidating for all those little kids.  Sawyer on the other hand lit up and was happy to perform.


As soon as Cohen spotted us and his grandparents in the audience, he decided to head on down…


Daddy took him back up and tried to convince him to finish the show.  Sawyer just kept right on, doing his thing.


Cohen stayed up on stage, but there was no convincing him to sing again.


I need to figure out how to upload the video to share it, because Sawyer was seriously cute!


After it was over everyone got to celebrate with cookies and punch.


And of course everything is more fun with Mamaw and Grammy!



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