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Tree Farm Visit

Today we made the trip to a local tree farm.  I can’t believe how close it is!  We will definitely be stopping there ever year from now on.  I have some many cute images to share, but for now, we’ll just share a few of the favorites!


The small trees were already pre-cut.  I gave Cohen a $20 bill and told him to go pick us out one.  He put the money in his pocket and said, “Come on, Sawyer.”  They both spotted one they liked.  Sawyer started measuring himself up against it, apparently to decide if it was the right height…?  Once he gives Cohen the OK, Cohen gets the money out of his pocket and asks the man working there, “How much do I owe ya?”  I swear people, I can’t make this stuff up!


We got our little tree all loaded up and headed home 🙂


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