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Cookie Break

It’s no secret that we’ve always had one cookie monster in our family. Sawyer may have learned to say cookie practially before he even said Mommy! But lately even Cohen has become a big cookie fan too. Even the gluten-free, egg-free, peanut-free, milk-free kind 🙂 So for snack today, we decided to take a cookie break.


Cohen eats all of his very quickly, and then looks longingly at Sawyer slowly munching away at his remaining cookies.


This is his cute little request, “One more, Mommy? One more cookie please…”


How could I say no to that sweet litte face, and his use of a whole sentence no less! I love their faces when they realize that I do have more cookies to give them!


Two little cookie monsters…


I usually don’t think that my boys look very much alike, but on this day, there was just something about the two of them sitting there beside each other, that I finally saw the resemblance that a lot of people talk about… what do you think?


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