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Ring Pops

***Photos taken 11/1/2014***

Thanks to their Halloween loot, the boys got to experience Ring Pops for the first time.  They are a big fan of suckers, so these were right up their alley.


Some how in the midst of trying to eat the entire thing, we think Cohen forgot how to swallow. No wonder my children are always dirty and sticky…


We asked them to sit to try and contain the drippiness.


They quickly noticed that they other also had a ring pop as well, only a different color…


While giving them a mid-pop wipe down, Daddy convinced them it would be fun to trade and try the other flavor.  Sawyer was quite pleased with the trade.


Cohen quickly began to regret the decision…


Sawyer reminded him of the no-take-backs rule.


We’re trying to teach him to stand up for himself.  Bubbie has a very strong personality, and for a long time Sawyer would just give in.  I’m now proud to say “No!” and “Mine!” are two of his most well-pronounced words 🙂


Cohen let him keep it, but I think he gave him a stern warning about the next time Sawyer wants something back…


Sawyer quickly got down and decided to finish his ring pop elsewhere.  Cohen longingly looked out the window and tried to remember the good ole days when he had the red ring pop….


These two crack me up!  So just in case you were wondering, red ring pops are better than blue.

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