Fun with Cousin Bryleigh

The boys just adore their cousin Bryleigh, and she is so good with them too!  Bryleigh and her daddy came over to watch the football game, and the boys were pretty excited to have her here.  Daddy even broke out the bouncy house for them.



These two are just the cutest things together!


Jumping in the trampoline together


Racing their carsweb_11_01_2014_FunWithBry-18

And just generally being silly…


Although I have to admit, Cohen and Bryleigh spend most of the time together.  She makes sure she includes Sawyer in the fun too.  Or maybe I should say Dr. Sawyer



Cohen and Bryleigh both wanted to take over control of the iPad, but she and Sawyer just cuddle up and watch it together.


We love you sweet girl!  Tell your daddy to bring you over more often!!! <3

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