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1st Day of 2-year-old Pre-School

Today was a big day!  Today was the boys’ first day of 2-year-old pre-school.  It’s so hard to believe that this day is here already, but I know it is good for them and I know they are going to love it.  Here are my big boys before we left…



The boys were pretty excited when we got there.  Daddy put Cohen’s backpack on, and he bravely walked right up to the door like he owned the place.


Sawyer wasn’t quite sure about the backpack; Cohen just wanted to know what they hold up was…


Quick photo-op buddy, then we’ll head in


And he was off again.  I hope he always has this much confidence!


Inside we met up with Cousin Logan.  He was pretty proud to show me his backpack too!



We had to get one of them together before their big day!  Candy is a must to get them to both sit still with this much excitement going on around them.


Finally, it was time to go back to their classroom.  They are in the Buzzy Bees class.


Cohen immediately went in and sat down with the puzzles and blocks.  He stacked a couple and then looked around proudly like, “Well, I’ve established myself as the best block builder, what should I do now…?”


It’s going to be so fun to have these three together for pre-school.


There was lots going on, and I love seeing the boys surrounded by kids their age.


Logan helped himself to toys around the room.


He and Sawyer found some new things to explore.


The teachers had very smartly hung things to look at from the ceiling.  Cohen thought the keys were pretty cool and was happy to hang out with Miss Pam. Some of his classmates, didn’t find it as entertaining.


Here Miss Molly, let me show you how to use that block.


We hung around for a little while, but everyone was doing great.  No tears were shed by the boys or their Momma!!!

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