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Downtown DC

Today we went into downtown DC.  There were lots of beautiful fountains and areas for the boys to explore.


The boys had a tough time deciding if they wanted to feed the ducks or if they wanted to just eat the Kix themselves…


The museums that we explored were actually kind of a bust.  The boys didn’t really get into them, and it was very hard to chase them around with so many people.  We finally made our way down to the National Mall and found some big open grass areas for the boys to run.  Cohen enjoyed chasing the squirrels.


He actually came pretty close to catching them a few times.


He didn’t limit is hunt to squirrels, pigeons were on the agenda too


Sawyer was just excited to find a place to sit and dig with his spoon.



Next we made our way to the Washington Monument to meet up with Daddy.


It was pretty neat to see up close.


Again, the boys were just excited to have a place to run around.


It was another fun day, but not one that I recommend embarking on without a stroller!

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