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Six Flags

Today we went to Six Flags!  The boys were pretty excited to be there.  They loved all the characters to hug and high five.


This is by far the boys favorite way to travel…


They had these cool mist sprayers all throughout the park to help you cool down.  The boys thought they were pretty fun.



We headed to the little kid park where they boys rode their first amusement park rides.  They liked the hot air balloon ride.


It actually went up pretty high



It wasn’t very long before we made our way to the water park area


The boys were pretty excited to play in the water, I don’t know what Sawyer’s doing, but he was excited too!  lol


They had lots of wading pools and fountain spurts to play in.


Although they had lots of little slides, Cohen of course felt that he needed to go down the big slide!  It had a long tunnel you had to climb to get to the top and they wouldn’t let parents go up with the kids.  Cohen was questioning his decision about half way up, but after a few encouragements from the other kids, he went on up.


He braced himself way up at the top… and before we knew it, down he came


After the first time, he went up and down over and over without hesitation.  He loved it!  The rest of the day we would overhear people saying, “That’s the little baby that was going down the big slide by himself!”  If he only knew the hype he had created – lol

Sawyer had to try out some slide action too


It was a full day, but the boys sure had fun!



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