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Cohen Closes the Door

We have levers instead of door knobs and unfortunately the boys are already tall enough to open them. We usually try to keep the doors in the basement locked, and if we forget to lock one back the boys always find it. Cohen thinks it’s hilarious to go inside, look out at me, and then close the door.



I love that sweet, ornery face!



What’s even more interesting is this room is a storage room with no windows, so when he closes the door, it’s pitch black in there. You would think that would scare a little boy, but he doesn’t even bat an eye at it – too busy giggling at himself, I guess



I finally had to make him stop because I was afraid he was going to shut a finger in the door, and he was making a lot of noise while Daddy was in his office trying to work. “Fine Mom, just ruin all my fun…”


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