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Mall Trip with Nana – Part I

Ever since Nana’s car has been in the shop, she hasn’t been able to come out and help watch the boys. So today, when the boys and I decided to make a trip to the mall to play, we called Nana and picked her up on a way. When she got in the car Sawyer was SO excited to see her! He kicked his little feet, giggled and just smiled from ear to ear. I think they both missed each other!

By the time we got to the mall, Sawyer had fallen asleep. He looked pretty comfy in the stroller, so we let him sleep for a little while.



Meanwhile, Cohen got right to playing and showing Nana the ropes



There is a tree you climb up and slide down, and Cohen had a great time with it.



Finally, Sawyer woke up and decided to join the fun.



His favorite part is all the tunnels you can crawl through, especially when you have a Nana waiting on the other side to chase you!


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