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Playing Around

Sometimes the boys get tired being cooped up in the basement all day, so they like a little change of scenery now and then. So this evening, we decided to head of to the studio and play around a little. I didn’t have any particular shots in mind, in fact I didn’t even change them out of their play clothes. I just let them be little boys and snapped away…

Little man found a football in my prop closet:



Goodness I love that little face!



Cohen’s going to be a bruiser for sure! He’s big for his age and SO tough! He sure looks like he knows how to protect the football too – with a little bit of ornery thrown in for good measure!



Sweet pensive Sawyer. He can be a tough one to snag his attention when he’s concentrating on something.



But then again, I am his Mama, and he throws me a smile every now and then~ <3


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