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Bath Time with Daddy – Cohen

We’ve started doing bath time in the big tub with Daddy. The boys seem to like it better, and it is actually a good bit easier. We usually time it for when Nathan was planning to take a bath anyway and then I just bring him one baby at a time.

Daddy was kissing on his neck and Cohen was just laughing to pieces!



Love my boys!



I think the boys are going to be good swimmers too. They already naturally let themselves float. Nathan keeps his hand under their heads just to make sure, but they actually just float around all on their own.



They look around and kick their little feet – it’s the cutest thing. Much more relaxed than they ever were in their little tub.



I just love this one of Daddy and Cohen. That’s a whole lot of love right there!!!



I know many of you are probably thinking – “Hey, these pictures are all of Cohen. Where’s Sawyer?” He took a bath too. In fact, he actually went first, and it wasn’t until the second one that it occurred to me to get my camera. Sawyer loves bath time with Daddy too, and this momma promises to photograph it very well the next time!

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