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Towel Animals

Each night when we would return to our room after dinner and the evening’s activities we would find a new towel animal. I have to admit I was pretty excited about seeing each one. I’m fascinated by things like that, I guess.

The first night, we had this little guy. We are thinking he’s an ant-eater.



Here’s a side view. If anyone has a better guess as to what animal he is, I’d love to hear it – drop me a comment 🙂



Next we had a bat. Our stateroom attendant casually used Nathan’s sunglass that were in our room to really top him off.





Then there was an elephant. He’s probably one of my favorites.



I took pictures of them from several angles, in case I want to try and recreate them one day. They had a towel folding class one afternoon where you could learn how, but we were busy with something else at the time and missed it. I’m thinking I can probably figure it out though.



There are a few more to share, but I will add those on a separate post.

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