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The first port that we stopped at was Labadee, Haiti. It was by far my favorite of the islands. It was a private port, so bascially the only people around were people from the cruise or “approved” Haiti vendors and staff.



It’s basically a small island, and if you can see the dotted line on the right side of the map below, you can kind of tell how much of the island was private and owned by the cruise lines. It was actually a very large space and we were able to walk around and explore most of it.



They had a few local Haitians playing music and hanging around.



Despite putting sunscreen on 5 or 6 times – Nathan and I both got too much sun yesterday. Nathan is much worse than me. His chest and back are completely fried. We both tried to stay out of the sun. Nathan pretty much just chilled in a hamock and tried not to be miserable.



Of course, he is always sweet enough to pose for some photo ops with me 🙂


This is a picture of us before we got back on the boat. It’s just so hard to explain how massive that ship actually was. I think it’s neat that you can see the “Allure of the Seas” behind us too.



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