Nikon D700 – finally

After long wait, I finally have my hands on the new Nikon D700. It actually was delivered yesterday, but we were still at the ski cabin, so I have been anxiously waiting to get home. Now that I finally have it, I can honestly say it is all that I hoped for and more!

Unfortunately, I found out that my old Nikon batteries are not compatible, so I am waiting for it to charge. I also plan to read the manual and try to get some things figured out. I’m glad that I have the long weekend at home to play around and get used to it.



My initial impressions:

I was looking forward to having a bigger preview screen on the back, and this one is soo much bigger! It is awesome.

The camera, with new 24-70mm lense, is a lot heavier than I expected. I’m going to be building some muscles with this thing.

Overall, it is awesome and I am soo happy!!!!

(Sorry for the crappy cell phone picture. Obviously, both of my cameras were in the picture, so it was my only option at the time.)


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