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Last Day in Florida

Today was our last day in Florida. We took a group photo with Grandma and Pap before we left the house. I miss them both already!!!



We also had to take the suitcase up to the local Winn Dixie to weight it. The airport has a 50 lb limit. We were initially a pound or so over. As we were taking a few sweatshirts out to put them in our carry on, a little old lady scooted her way in front of us and weighed herself. It was pretty hilarious. We re-weighed the suitcase and decided we were good to go. The man at the airport said it weighed 49.9 – that’s what I call getting the most out of your money.



The flight was a little over two hours, and we had good weather. This was the view as we left Florida.



And this is the view as we touched down in West Virginia. Slightly different terrain, you might say.


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