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Kitchen Cabinets – Part I

The first part of our kitchen cabinets finally arrived today. The guys carried them in and set them in the spots where they will eventually be placed.



This is the stove wall. Working from left to right, there is a tall pantry that will hold the double over with a cabinet above it, and a drawer below. In the middle is where the stove top will sit. There are cabinets that go above it, and those will have the microwave. Finally, on the right there is a 30 inch pantry.



This is the unit that goes above the stove top and will have the microwave.



This island. The side faces me has drawers and cabinets, the other side will have the sink. The hole that is cut out is for the dishwasher.



I will admit it was quite a relief when they acutally showed up today.

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