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Bryce’s 25th Birthday

Thursday was Bryce’s 25th birthday, so we all went out to eat at Japanese steakhouse Fusion. Fusion is one of those places where they cook everything in front of you on the hibachi grill and kind of make it a show. It’s expensive, but definitely fun to do every once in awhile.


Bryce even got his own birthday dessert.


Our waiter took turns flipping little pieces of shrimp in the air and letting everyone try to catch one. Having a shell-fish allergy, I had to opt out of this part of the evening, but Faith was up for giving it a try. She actually ended up catching it in her lap and quickly popped it in her mouth. She thought the whole thing was hilarious.


Oh, and did you notice little Miss Faithers now has bangs. Tara got her hair cut this week. It is sooo cute! She definitely looks older, which I’m still adjusting to, but there’s no denying that cuteness.


And finally one of our little diva and her Uncie Bryce.


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